• Anezka Lovec

    Anezka Lovec

    Ork'eth Tribal Oracle and mercenary company receptionist.
  • Aria


    Samsaran Time she can basically manipulate time and regenerate....yeah, she's a Time Lady
  • Brynn Chandler

    Brynn Chandler

    Of course she got a job with a mercenary company. Do you have any idea how hard it is for a visible Tiefling to find work?
  • Daniel Moraine

    Daniel Moraine

    "if its quite alright, i think i'll just shoot you now my good sir" (tips hat)
  • Dynaeris Leafrunner

    Dynaeris Leafrunner

    Catfolk paladin, former slave, happy about all things.
  • Escapod


    When horridness of reality forces you from your mind, you use rediculosity to force reality from its mind!
  • Haleema L'Falaq

    Haleema L'Falaq

    Once the right hand of a god-in-the-making. Now? Bloody good question.
  • Hoku Bogdweller

    Hoku Bogdweller

    Island elf. Scarred witch-doctor. All-around good guy. Two of these are true.
  • Iris


    Traditional Halfling witch who dispenses herbal tonics, folk medicine, and fireballs.
  • Jin the Tengu

    Jin the Tengu

    Peck peck peck
  • Jovan Hawke

    Jovan Hawke

    Perfectly Respectable scout. Not at all a thief. Certainly not.
  • Mahinu Fallenstar

    Mahinu Fallenstar

    Former slave, now freedom fighter.
  • Majkojebac the Velociraptor

    Majkojebac the Velociraptor

    Velociraptor ( /vɨˈlɒsɨræptər/; meaning 'swift seizer')
  • Miri


    catfolk dancing slave turned monk
  • Seryeshka Otvozhny

    Seryeshka Otvozhny

    Archaeologist, inspirational speaker, and the prettiest gods damned Or'keth you're likely to find.
  • Tristan Aldaeth von Wundras

    Tristan Aldaeth von Wundras

    Technically, the world's first Magus. This makes his father SO happy.
  • Whisper Henderthane

    Whisper Henderthane

    Makes his own Coffee & gunpowder: puts Fiendish Brimstone in both.
  • Zed


    Totally Isn't Ned In Another Story!
  • Detective Constantine

    Detective Constantine

    Intrepid Rock Salt Keep investigator - currently turning to the Starspire irregulars to aid with his investigations
  • Grandmaster Torch

    Grandmaster Torch

    Not neccesarily as advertised
  • Rajani


    Rakshasa client; she may be a terrifying demoness, but at least she pays well.
  • Sora


    Adorable little snake girl who loves playing with dolls, hugging mammals, and napping beside the fireplace.