Anezka Lovec

Ork'eth Tribal Oracle and mercenary company receptionist.


Anezka was a weak, sickly orklette when she was born. If her parents had been members of an ancient ork’eth tribe she might have been deemed too weak to survive and left out in the wilderness to die. As it happened, she was born to a well-to-do merchant family in the city of Starspire, and she was raised in a loving home by parents who instilled in her a love of Ork’eth religion and culture. Her left leg was particularly weak and resistant to magical healing. Clerics told her parents she would always walk with a limp. They knew the Spirits had marked her for a special purpose, and they were exceedingly proud when the Spirits and the Ancestors chose her to be an Oracle, one of their voices in the world of the living.

Anezka joined the Pathfinders at the age of eighteen and it was there that she met her Partner, Aria. The two women later decided to leave the Pathfinder Society and it’s politics behind in order to form a mercenary company backed by Gunther von Wundras.


Anezka Lovec

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