Haleema L'Falaq

Once the right hand of a god-in-the-making. Now? Bloody good question.


Fame: 14

Prestige: 2


Back in the peacetime she caught roses on the stage
Now she twists indecision; takes bourbon for rage
Sings “kiss thee hardy, this poisoned cup”
Her winding sheet is busy winding up
In darkness she looks for the light that has died
But you need faith for the same reasons that it’s so hard to find
And this whole thing is headed for a terrible wreck
And like good tragedy that’s what we expect

Now the wolves are howling at our door
Singing bout vengeance like it’s the joy of the Lord
Bringing justice to our enemies not the other way round
They’re guilty when killed and they’re killed where they’re found
If what’s loosed on earth will be loosed up on high
It’s a Hell of a Heaven we must go to when we die

Spirals and capitals like the twist of a script
Streets named for heroes that could almost exist
And all wrongs forgotten and all vengeance made right
The suffering verbs put to sleep in the night
The future descending like a brick chandelier
And the world just beginning and the guests in good cheer
In Royal City I fell into a trance
Oh it’s hell to believe there ain’t a hell of a chance

Haleema L'Falaq

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