Totally Isn't Ned In Another Story!


Zed and Ned (better known as Sakis) are brothers, possibly twins, but their House didn’t keep much track. They don’t keep in touch very much- not because they’re on bad terms, but because of long lives and perception of time and that sort of thing. They are similar and yet very different, but it’s hard to place how that is. The easiest way to tell them apart is probably that Zed only looks evil, while Ned looks needlessly and excessively evil.

Much like his brother’s situation, Socothbenoth, their house’s patron demon lord, placed Zed near the Starspire, and only gave two instructions. The first was to help fit in and adapt to not being in the Underdark anymore- the men wishing to be evil gods had small camps and cults of personality in which Zed could thrive, and then move to the next when they failed the test. The other instruction was to occasionally let Ned- or the demon himself- know any news about the Starspire.

After being above ground for a while and seeing the same cult with different names, Zed was more than ready for Hawke’s offer of money and adventure.

However, he wasn’t quite as “I will devote my life to blackguardery in exchange for favors” as his brother was, and probably had no say in this fate, though he sort of looks up to his brother, and lacks the right amount of balls to say “no” to a demon lord’s face (not that very many do have the correct amount of balls for that). After getting decently good at it, Zed realized that, holy shit, there are futures that the Underdark couldn’t even offer. Zed is kind of willing to experiment with everything right now, to an “Oberlin College student” extent. He has a devotion to nature (hence the druid thing), but it’s more of a “burn society to the ground and start again from nature” devotion than a typical druidic devotion. He’s still evil, of course, but it’s slightly more of a neutral kind of evil. And, damn, look at all of these classes… Even he’s not sure what he wants to do with his life right now, other than to just “remain a Blackguard.”


While he’s evil, (sort of) chaotic, and doesn’t have a purpose other than “sleeper agent,” he’s not really at risk of snapping and going chaotic evil. He actually likes the Starspire Irregulars, and thinks the bird-man is one of the funniest things that he’s seen in his life, while also being rationally fucking afraid of the island elf. He’s already gotten to piss off paladins and see some zombies, which he and his brother always had an interest in… Maybe he’ll have to contact Ned soon, just to talk about the bird-man, zombies, and Starspire, because this stuff is all pretty badass.


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