Daniel Moraine

"if its quite alright, i think i'll just shoot you now my good sir" (tips hat)


A tall skinny man with a top hat and heavy steampunk influence. Black hair and blue eyes and a standard european appearance.


A gentleman by all means. also good at shooting things… specifically reptiles. He comes from a well-to-do family with “ties” as he calls them. Not that it does him much good in starspire since he’s obviously not from around town. He’s on a hunting excursion. A big game hunter like him got bored with the indiginous wild life and came to Starspire to see if he could find a better game. And with the irregulars, he’s not been disappointed.

oh also, that entire paragraph is a bald-faced lie aside from the shooting thing. He was originally an operative of the Council of Thieves based out of Westcrown going by the name of the flicker. One day something changed and he was forced to look at himself in a mirror. He detested what he saw, and decided to start from scratch. Cheliax has plenty of assassins but it seemed lacking in one important aspect. It was then that the flicker died and Daniel Morraine, the best damned hero in Cheliax stepped forth with a hat, a gun, and a ticket to Starspire.

Daniel Moraine

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