Tristan Aldaeth von Wundras

Technically, the world's first Magus. This makes his father SO happy.


Tristan is a member of the noble house of von Wundras. Mostly. Well, technically the rulers of the house would disagree with that, but TRISTAN thinks he is, and that’s all that matters. He is, you see, a half-elf – son of Baron Gunther von Wundras and an elven wizard he had worked with in his youth. Due to his elven heritage, he is in his early thirties, in spite of the fact that his appearance (and general mindset) would be more analogous to a human in their mid to late teenaged years.

As he came into adolescence, Tristan spent a great deal of time with his father’s cousin Erik (then a young wizard with only two doctorates at age twenty.) Publicly, Erik tutored the young half-elf (who was, in fact, not even a year younger than Erik) Evocation Magic, which was his specialty at the time. Between sessions, however, the two spoke wildly of theoretical magics and Erik’s many research projects. The two bonded, driven perhaps by the disdain with which their noble house had for both of them (Erik with his insistence on pursuing alchemy on the side and Tristan with his clinging to the elvish culture they saw as a blight on the family.)

Mostly for entertainment, they trained together in fencing – something which their parents agreed was a proper use of time for Chelish noblemen. This, too, they managed to turn away from the traditional family methods, though. Erik, obsessed as he was with the idea of exploring untapped avenues of study, had spent some time learning Elvish swordplay (for Gunther was hardly the only member of the family to consort with elves,) and in spite of his mother’s arcane focus, Tristan had picked up a good bit of the style as well. And so, over time, they began to blend the precision of fencing and the grace and style of the Elvish dervish dance.

It was only a matter of time, however, before the situation broke down. Frustrated by the inflexibility of the Imperial Chellish Wizarding Academy, Erik brought forth one of the more daring arcane breakthroughs he was working on: Magistry – on which he had worked at length with Tristan. Far from the warm reception he was hoping for, Erik was rejected by the leadership of both the Academy, and the von Wundras family, who felt he had finally gone too far in his disrespect of the ancient arcane traditions of House von Wundras.

Enraged and ashamed, Erik disappeared from the public eye, leaving Tristan alone in the fight against the control of the House Leadership, with nothing but a theory…


Tristan Aldaeth von Wundras

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